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Guided Implant Placement

A 3D scan for dental implants allows us to digitally plan a virtual placement of your implants before the date of your appointment. The 3D dental imaging provides us with better information than a two-dimensional dental X-ray, especially for patients with extensive bone and tooth loss

Digital Smile

We can adjust your digital smile simulation to compare and contrast various types of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Your digital smile analysis makes it easier to choose between the various types of aesthetic services available so that you can select the one that’s best for your individual needs.

Crowns and Bridges

The majority of our dental crowns are made of full ceramic without metal. These are more aesthetic and natural.

When we design your ceramic dental crown, we use special shade guides to match the exact color and hue of your natural tooth enamel. That way the permanent crown will blend in with the neighboring teeth for an attractive natural smile.


Our ceramic dental crowns blend in perfectly with your smile for a natural appearance that’s functional too. Or if you need to replace missing teeth, the same type of design options are available when it comes to the types of dental bridges we provide.




Ultra-thin veneers are crafted from durable, attractive shades of porcelain. They’re precisely shaped, shaded, and bonded to the front of the teeth in your “smile zone” (usually 6-8 at a time.) Once affixed into place, your smile looks dramatically different, but the natural teeth are just hidden behind your porcelain veneers.

Our porcelain veneers are ideal for someone who has healthy teeth and gums but wants to enhance their smile. You could say they are the most advanced and attractive type of cosmetic dentistry treatment worldwide. Veneers can be used on their own, or in combination with other types of cosmetic dentistry treatment.



Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful way to catch up on all of your dental care needs in a calm, safe environment. With dental sedation, you can easily combine treatments into fewer appointments while we provide a relaxing atmosphere to minimize any (dentist) anxiety or phobia related to oral care.

The type and level of sedation medication that you receive will depend on things like the type of treatment you require, the overall length of your procedure, and the level of awareness that you prefer.

Laser Dentistry

With his Epic #laser by BIOLASE, the amazing power of light energy heals pain and wounds, performs quick, gentle, bloodless surgeries on soft-tissue to improve oral function when necessary, destroys #bacteria with the wavelength that  achieves the deepest disinfection in teeth roots and below the gums. Other amazing powers like healing cold sores, #TMJ and myofacial pain, all aiding a more simplified dental experience.


WHY DO DENTISTS USE BIOLASE EPIC LASERS? The Epic 940nm Diode Laser provides advanced anti-inflammatory, analgesic, deepest anti-bacterial reach, pain therapy, photobiomodulation and haemostasis that promotes excellent quality healing! It simplifies surgeries and offers advantages to many clinical procedures for enhanced results and recovery. Cosmetic procedures are next level too, being able to remove pain and sensitivity during the “normally quite painful” #teethwhitening whitening treatment and speed it up to a 30 minute treatment with the special Biolase Whitening gel. It’s also nice to improve gum shapes, remove gum pigmentation or perform quick and painless frenectomies and tongue ties for infants and adults. DID YOU KNOW? A quick Epic tongue-tie and/or lip-tie release can assist newborns to breastfeed better [Dentist will assess case first.]

Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment is one of the least invasive ways to replace your missing teeth. Since implants rest inside of the bone (similar to an anatomical tooth) they are completely non-invasive to surrounding tooth structure.

Teeth Whitening

Brightening teeth is a great way to jump-start your smile makeover. Professional teeth whitening might even be the only cosmetic treatment you need for a Hollywood-ready smile transformation. But choosing the type of bleaching system that’s right for you is different for everyone.

Whitening provides same-day results, making it ideal for:


Last-minute special events


Weddings, graduations, etc.


Job interviews


A gift to yourself


Before other cosmetic dentistry treatment

A typical same-day teeth whitening treatment will usually take 1-2 hours to complete (1.5 on average.) First, we’ll apply a protective coating over your gums to avoid any gel contact with your soft tissues. You’ll also wear a soft lip retractor to help keep your mouth open. Next, we brush the concentrated teeth bleaching gel onto the tooth surfaces that are visible when you smile. From there, a special light is applied to activate the bleaching agents. An oxidation process occurs where stain particles are oxidized and released from within the porous surfaces of your teeth. The gel is rinsed away and re-applied another 2-3 times, depending on the color of your smile

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